When to Hire Criminal Attorneys

There are different kinds of lawyers and it’s important that you hire the right type so you’ll get the results that you want. In essence, you can’t hire the same lawyer who helps you wrote your will to handle a criminal case. The latter also can’t help you buy your house or help file a personal injury case.  


There are two general types of lawyers, civil law attorneys, and criminal law attorneys. It’s important that you know which one to hire, give your present situation. In smaller towns, civil law attorneys and criminal law attorneys are one and the same. But in reality, you can’t hire just one lawyer to handle all your legal affairs.  

What are Civil Law Attorneys? 

Civil law attorneys are the ones who specialize in corporate law. They are usually big firm lawyers that represent companies doing business all over the city, state, or country. Some even have international counterparts.  

You normally consult with civil law attorney if you need to incorporate a business, write your will, or if you just need legal advice on a non-criminal matter. Usually, you just have to schedule a consultation with these lawyers to talk to them ask them all your questions about legal matters. Some firms offer free consultations.  

What are Criminal Law Attorneys? 

Criminal law attorneys are local attorneys that handle anything that’s criminal in nature. You might have to hire these lawyers if you are caught drunk driving or if you figure in any drug-related offenses. You might very well know that all violent crimes are handled by these lawyers. But then, these lawyers can also handle non-violent cases, like whitecollar crimes. Good examples are tax fraud, embezzlement, and similar crime related to money.  

When to Hire Criminal Law Attorneys  

If you figured in a crime that’s considered a criminal case, then you are going to need the services of these lawyers. You simply have to hire them and let them handle the case. Depending on the severity of the offense, you may be able to settle the case outside the court. But in most cases, you would have to get out on a bail or stay in jail throughout the course of the case.  

Your case will be taken to the judge and a jury will be picked to decide on your fate. The criminal defense lawyer should do everything to show that you’re innocent of the accusations in order to be acquitted. All pieces of evidence should be submitted to the judge for analysis.  

How to Hire Criminal Defense Lawyers  

It’s not easy to hire lawyers, let alone the ones that are experts in criminal law. These lawyers are the busiest ones of all. In case you can’t hire one, the state will assign you a lawyer. You have to cooperate with them for a fast and smooth proceeding.  

The idea is to hire a criminal law attorney Houston whom you trust. Your future will depend on the abilities of the lawyer that you hire. If you’re not careful with choosing, you might end up spending more time in jail than you should. 

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